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Institutional webstite: Dr. Grabowska's institutional webpage

Home Department: Department of Urology


For prostate cancer patients and their families

Information about prostate cancer diagnosis and treatment: National Cancer Institute's Prostate Cancer PDQ


Online research tools we use

Expression of proteins and validated antibodies in human tissues: Human Protein Atlas

Easy to use tools to analyze human cancer data: cBioPortal


Reagent requests

We are happy to share the reagents that we have generated. Some reagents were shared with our research group through Material Transfer Agreements (MTA), while others have been purchased, and we may not be able to share these. Please contact us to ascertain which category the reagent of interest falls into, and we will assist you where we can. 


Data sharing

We deposit our raw data into NCBI’s BioProject. Currently available data includes: 

1. ChIP-Seq from LNCaP cells for AR, FOXA1, and NFIB

   File of shared/co-occupied binding peaks provided below


LNCaP AR, NFIB, and FOXA1 annotated binding sites
LNCaP cells grown in serum-containing media. ChIP for AR (N-terminal antibody), FOXA1, NFIB, and IgG. Overlapping/shared peaks within 200bp. Reported in Grabowska et al Endo 2016.
Annotated_Peaks Grabowska Endo 2016.xls
Microsoft Excel sheet [11.5 MB]
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