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Research Funding

The laboratory

Our research program is supported by start-up funds provided by our home Department and the National Institutes of Health through the National Cancer Institute (NCI) and the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK). We thank our research sponsors for their continued support!


Trainee funding

  1. T32 appointment (Molecular Therapeutics Training Program [T32 GM008803]) to Sarah Kohrt
  2. American Urology Association/Urology Care Foundation Research Scholar Grant to Jagpreet Nanda, PhD (co-mentored by Dr. Lee Ponsky, CWRU/University Hospitals Urology Institute and Dr. Scott Dehm, University of Minnesota)


Our publications are deposited in PubMed, with most articles available as free full-texts through PubMed Central. Our contributions can also be tracked through Google Scholar. For access to reprints or technical questions, please contact us


Peer-reviewed research articles

  1. Griffin LE, Kohrt SE, Rathore A, Kay CD, Grabowska MM, and Neilson AP. “Microbial metabolites of flavanols in urine are associated with enhanced anti-proliferative activity in bladder cancer cells in vitro”. Accepted, Nutrition and Cancer: An International Journal

  2. Mangosh TL, Awadallah WN, Grabowska MM, Taylor DJ. "SLX4IP promotes telomere maintenance in androgen receptor-independent castration-resistant prostate cancer through ALT-like telomeric PML localization". Molecular Cancer Research doi: 10.1158/1541-7786.MCR-20-0314. Online ahead of print. (2020)

  3. Kohrt, SE, Awadallah, WN, Phillips RA, Case TC, Jin R, Nanda JS, Yu X, Clark PE, Yi Y, Matusik RJ, Anderson PD, Grabowska MM.  “Identification of genes required for enzalutamide resistance in castration-resistant prostate cancer cells in vitro”. Molecular Cancer Therapeutics  doi: 10.1158/1535-7163.MCT-20-0244. Online ahead of print. (2020)

  4. Nanda JSAwadallah WNKohrt SEPopovics PCates JMMMirosevich JClark PEGiannico GEGrabowska MM. "Increased nuclear factor I/B expression in prostate cancer correlates with AR expression”. The Prostate 80(13):1058-1070 (2020) 

  5. Popovics P, Awadallah WN, Kohrt SE, Case TC, Miller NL, Ricke E, Huang W, Ramirez-Solano M, Liu Q, Vezina CM, Matusik RJ, Ricke WA,  and Grabowska MM. “Prostatic osteopontin expression is associated with symptomatic benign prostatic hyperplasia”. The Prostate 80(10):731-741 (2020) 

  6. Yang S, Jiang M, Grabowska MM, Connelly Z, Zhang J, Hayward SW, Justin Cates JM, Han G, Yu X. 1 “AR differentially regulates the proliferation of prostate epithelial cells in vitro and in vivo”. Oncotarget 7:70404-70419 (2016)
  7. Qiao J, Grabowska MM, Mirosevich J, Case TC, Chung DH,  Cates JM, Matusik RJ, Manning CH, Jin R “Activation of GRP/GRP-R signaling contributes to castration-resistant prostate cancer progression”. In press. Oncotarget 20:61955-61969 (2016)
  8. Austin D, Strand DW, Love HL, Franco OE, Grabowska MM, Miller NL, Hameed O, Clark PE, Matusik RJ, Jin RJ, Hayward SW. “NF-kB and Androgen Receptor Variant 7 expression induces expression of SRD5A isoforms which confers resistance to 5ARI treatment” The Prostate. 6:1004-18 (2016).
  9. Austin D, Strand DW, Love HL, Franco OE, Jang A, Grabowska MM, Hameed O, Clark PE, Fowke JH, Matusik RJ, Jin RJ, and Hayward SW. “NF-κB Stimulates Androgen Receptor Variant Expression in Human BPH Progression”. The Prostate.  76:491-511 (2016).
  10. Grabowska MM+, Kelly SM, Reese AL, Cates JM, Case TC, Zhang J, DeGraff DJ, Strand DW, Miller NL, Clark PE, Hayward SW, Gronostajski RM, Anderson PD, and Matusik RJ. “Nfib regulates transcriptional networks that control the development of prostatic hyperplasia”. Endocrinology. 157:1094-109. (2016). +Corresponding author
  11. Lin-Tsai O, Cates JM, Gellert LL, Crist HS, Yang Z, Yamashita H, Taylor JA, Smith JA, Chang SS, Cookson MS, You C, Barocas DA, Grabowska MM, Ye F, Wu X-R, Yi Y, Matusik RJ, Kaestner KH, Clark PE, and DeGraff DJ. “Loss of FOXA1 drives sexually dimorphic changes in urothelial differentiation and is an independent predictor of poor prognosis in bladder cancer”. American Journal of Pathology. 185:1387-98 (2015).
  12. Yu X, Cates JM, Morrissey C, You C, Grabowska MM, Zhang J, DeGraff DJ, Strand DW, Franco OE, Lin-Tsai O, Hayward SW, and Matusik RJ. “SOX2 expression in the developing, adult, as well as diseased prostate”. Prostate Cancer and Prostatic Diseases. 17:301-9 (2014).
  13. Grabowska MM+, Elliott AD, DeGraff DJ,  Anderson PD, Anumanthan G, Yamashita H, Sun Q, Friedman DB, Hachey DL, Yu X, Sheehan JH, Ahn J-M, Raj GV, Piston DW, Gronostajski RM, and Matusik RJ. “NFI Transcription Factors Interact with FOXA1 to Regulate Prostate Specific Gene Expression”. Molecular Endocrinology. 28:949-64 (2014). +Corresponding author
  14. DeGraff DJ*, Grabowska MM*, Case T, Yu X, Herrick MK, Hayward W, Strand DW, Cates JM, Hayward SW, Gao N, Walter MA, Buttyan R, Yi Y, Kaestner KH,  and Matusik RJ. “Foxa1 deletion in luminal epithelium causes prostatic hyperplasia and alteration of differentiated phenotype”. Laboratory Investigation. 94:726-39 (2014). *These authors contributed equally to this work.
  15. Grabowska MM, Sandhu B, and Day ML. “EGF Promotes the Shedding of Soluble E-cadherin in an ADAM10-dependent Manner in Prostate Epithelial Cells”. Cell Signalling. 24:532-8 (2012).


Invited, peer-reviewed review articles

  1. Grabowska MM, DeGraff DJ, Yu X, Jin RJ, Chen Z, Borowsky AD, and Matusik RJ. “Mouse models of prostate cancer: picking the best model for the question”. Cancer and Metastasis Reviews. 33:377-97 (2014).
  2. Grabowska MM and Day ML. “Soluble E-cadherin: More Than a Symptom of Disease”. Frontiers in Bioscience. 17:1948-64 (2012). 



  1. Grabowska MM and Matusik RJ. “Therapy-induced small-cell disease: from mouse to man and back”. Nature Reviews Urology. 15:662-3 (2018).


Meeting reports

  1. Grabowska MM, Dong Y, Jamieson CAM, Nonn L, Dehm Scott, Gao A, Miranti CK, Li X, Adam RM, Strand D, Cox MB. “Precision Medicine in Urology: Molecular Mechanisms, Diagnostics and Therapeutic Targets - Report of the Society of Basic Urologic Research 2018 Annual Meeting Entitled”. American Journal of Clinical and Experimental Urology. 6(Supplementary Issue 1):1-138 (2018).


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